Transparent Moment: Should We Do Unto Others As They’ve Done Us?

I have been asking myself a particular question more often than I realized; that question was “what would the world be if we were to really do unto others as they’ve done us.” I remember tweeting that question and some of the responses I got were “we’d be blind”, “the world would be in chaos” and some wondered the same thing. I remember when I was growing up and my cousins and I would fight for the simplest things my grandmother would always tell us ” Do unto others as you would have them do to you” as a little girl, you hear these things but they go in one ear and goes through the other. I’ve always prided myself on not treating people ill, or I’ve tried to be mindful not to mistreat anyone, of course I’m not perfect and I have had my fair share of mishaps. It is amazing the things that stick with us in our adult life. I made a confession in my 28 & Winging It that I am a very nice and giving person which is a good thing but 80% of the time my niceness gets me in trouble. Not in trouble in a bad way, well that depends on what your definition of bad is. For years I’ve had the people closest to me tell me about my savior complex and that I need to stop jumping to everyone’s rescue. If I am honest, it seems that I always learn the hard way, I have to wait until I’m on fire before learning ( working on this). Another thing I took with me in my adult life is that it’s better to give than to receive, sadly I take that way too literal. I’ve always been a giver. However, I have found myself on some occasion feeling guilty whenever I’m unable to meet someone’s need in the time they want. The more I was giving, it was becoming a strain for me and not because I had a hard time giving but simply because I could tell that some of these individuals did not genuinely care about me, it was all about them and what they could get.

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Nurse of The Month: Shariefka Hillman

Hey Guys! It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a bew feature. This month’s feature is someone I’ve grown to love and appreciate, I see so much of myself in her and her work ethic and love for her job is something that I truly admire. You can guarantee that whenever you’re in her presence, you WILL laugh. She is as cool as a cucumber and smart as a whip. It is my pleasure to feature her as this month’s Nurse of the Month. Take a read below.¬†Read More »

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day: Aneka The Warrior

If you’re like me, we often times hear about certain diseases or illnesses but most times we are unaware about the effect these diseases have on the people and their family. Yes, I’m in the healthcare field but believe it or not I don’t know everything about these diseases. I may know the basic but often times I do my research so I can educate myself.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to care for a teenage sickle cell patient and it was one of the hardest patient I’ve had to deal with and believe you me I’ve seen A LOT since working in the pediatric ICU. The pain, the many blood transfusions, surgery; the way it affected the family really broke my heart and made me go beyond the call of duty for this patient and their family.

I’ve been pondering on whether or not I should do a post about my experience working with a sickle patient. Growing up and even before then, I can admit I was a bit naive about what sickle cell could do, all I would think is, it’s all about the pain (yes, that’s how naive I was). I dug deeper and was going to do a post educating us all about this disease.

Today is World Sickle Cell Awareness Day and someone I know has been living with Sickle Cell for as long as she can remember so I decided to shine a light on her as she tells us what life is like living with Sickle cell.Read More »

Nurse of The Month: Jada Evans

Ever met someone and right away you just hit it off? That’s how it was with this month’s feature. I don’t know what it is but we just clicked and I felt like I knew her for a very long time. As you know, I recently started working at the Children’s hospital, this was my first clinical job that I’ve had where I was going to be working with children; I have all my experience with the geriatrics population. I’ve had to learn a lot being in this new environment. EVERYONE at my job really believes in teamwork. Although, everyone is amazing, there’s this one Nurse that I got attached to and developed a bond in such a short space of time. She’s super smart and is a badass at what she does, an amazing teacher, she has taught me a lot in such short space of time. It’s only right that I show my appreciation to her by making her this month’s feature. Read her story below.

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All About The Scrub Life Turns 1// What I’ve learned So Far

Do you know what time it is? It’s celebration time! Can you believe it’s been a year since I’ve occupied space on the internet and can now call myself a blogger? ( I know right who can believe it). A lot has happened over the last year, some good and some not so good but I can say I have learned a lot being a part of the blogosphere.
As some of you know when I published my first blog post The Beginning… a year ago, I told you I had this idea for 2 years before I started. I had no clue what I was doing or getting myself into but I was prepared, now here I am a year later.
I had this plan of what I wanted to talk to about in this post, but a conversation I had recently with someone who wants to start blogging changed that idea.
Instead I’m going to talk about what I learned over the past year and give some tips on what you should consider if you plan on starting a blog, vlog, etc.

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28 & Winging It

As you know I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday about 2 weeks ago and I feel like I’ve been winging my last couple years in my 20’s. Like I mentioned in my birthday post Year Ventiocho , my goal is to be fully at peace and to be more in tuned with myself. I had plans of sharing things I learnt over the last year, but then my blogger sista over at Passionate Woman started a challenge where you write about fun facts, lessons and confessions about yourself so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. So here goes.

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Year Ventiocho

This past Memorial day weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday (ya girl is getting oldddd) and let me tell you, it was one of the best times I’ve had in a while. My bestfriend came to visit me from Chicago so that was a plus, I was able to catch up and reconnect with some friends that I haven’t seen in months/years, so I basically spent the whole weekend celebrating with friends and family.Read More »