A Simple Encounter Can Change Your Perspective

Every now and then we may encounter someone or read something somewhere that serves as inspiration to us. Recently, while at work I had an encounter that gave me all the hope I needed. A patient of mine was having a really hard time that night. She’s a hospice patient and anyone in the medical field knows that a normal O2(oxygen level) sats ranges from 95 to 100. Well in this case my patient’s own was in the 50’s but given her condition that was considered normal. Anyways before I start treading in waters that will have me violating HIPPA let me get to the point.

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Nurse of The Month: Charlene Lowery

I’ve decided that every month I would feature a Nurse that has impacted my life in some way. Nurses can have many different career paths as well as specialties, so I want to showcase those gifts. I am shining the light on someone I truly appreciate. Funny story I met Charlene a while back on Twitter simply because we were huge fans of Beyonce and that bond grew into something more than just being fans of the Queen B herself. She became someone I could confide in about my nursing journey struggles. Ever the supportive Queen that she is, Charlene took on the role of being my mentor and has since been guiding me along the way on pursuit to getting my nursing degree.Read More »

How To Prepare For An Exam

I’m sure by now you’re all settling into the new semester trying to find your bearings and what not. Some of us may have already taken our first quiz or exam. I’m currently studying to take my Phlebotomy Certification exam which is 8 days away. In an effort to share more of my journey to getting this nursing degree I thought I’d share how I prepare for an exam with you guys who are already in nursing school and for those who are considering going to nursing school. Here goes…


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Failing Forward 

Happy New Year guys! I hope 2018 is going great for you all. This is my first blog of 2018. I had hopes of posting in the first week of the year but I had a lot of reflection to do. I’ve decided that I’m going to be more vulnerable and open with you guys. I’ve always had a little issue walking the thin line between revealing and not revealing too much at the same time. Being as private as I am, believe me when I say it’s HARD but I started my blog so that I could share my experience and at least inspire one person.

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The Year 2017

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great holiday season. This was my first time having to work and not be able to spend time with my family cyah happen again lol (means: I have no intentions on doing this again). We are a few days away from a new year so thought I’d do a year in review post. In the first half of the year I had already deemed 2017 to be trash simply because it started off bittersweet and things weren’t going as planned but I had to shake that negativity off real quick.

Before I continue to tell you about how my 2017 was, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you all. I can’t thank you all enough for rocking with me these last six months. Thanks to each and everyone of you for taking the time out of your busy lives week after week to read, comment, and share my blog posts.

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Christmas Gift For Nursing Students. 

Christmas is right around the corner(a week to be exact) and I’m sure many of you are like me  squandering to buy last minute gifts (procrastination really is my middle name). No worries I’m here to help. I came up with a short list of things you can get the nursing student, nurse or healthcare professional in your life for Christmas. If they’re a little like me in any way, keep in mind a little goes a long way. I know for me I’m satisfied with a handwritten note, showing a little appreciation is all we need, after all school is no Joke and working in the healthcare field is no easy fete.

Let me stop blabbing (as if we’re not late already) get to the list I created. Some of these I don’t own and are on my personal wishlist (family take note ) but I also think any of theses would be ideal for you guys.Read More »

Sunshine Blogging Award Nominee

Hey my darlings, this weekend marked the 6 months anniversary of All About The Scrub Life. This journey has been an amazing experience thus far and I look forward to seeing where the next few months takes us. Once again I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all my supporters. This which was once a dream is now a reality.

In the short time that I have been a  blogger, I’ve had the opportunity of connecting with so many bloggers whether on a small or large scale, anyways to my surprise almost a month ago I received a message from one of my blogging sister Ashleigh over at thesilencedwoman saying that she nominated me for a sunshine blogging award (raeeeeeeeeee) I was super excited and I immediately messaged one of my blogging friends/ fellow island gal to tell her the news, to which she said it was something special and I should do it. As usual life always gets the better of me and I kept putting it off. I am truly elated to accept this award.  Truth be told I can’t recall being nominated for anything in recent times, so this is major for me ( praise dances).

You may be wondering what is the sunshine blogging award, at first I didn’t know either but I can recall seeing it on my timeline. It is basically an award that aids in getting small bloggers recognition from other small bloggers, after all we must stick together and help each other climb to the top, there’s plenty of room for us all at the top.Read More »