The Beginning…

Hello and welcome to my blog ‘ALL ABOUT THE SCRUB LIFE.’ I am extremely excited to share my experiences with you all.

You may be wondering why did I decide to start blogging. To be honest, I have been sitting on this idea for way too long.  When wanting to try something new, one often let fear cripple them. My friends this is exactly what happened to me. I lost hope along the way but with the support of my family and friends, I decided to put things in motion. Wellll after about two years of procrastinating (something I tend to do very well), I am now overjoyed and extremely excited as I sit writing what will be my first official blog post.

I decided to start a blog not only to express my thoughts and opinions but also to share my experiences, and to be a source of help and inspiration to others. My goal is to create an environment where like minded individuals can come together and discuss various topics.

As a student studying nursing, when I fell on hard times I felt like I had no support system, not speaking of my family of course, but rather a community of like-minded persons, persons who were going through the same things that I was encountering and with whom I was able to relate. I found that amidst the many blogs that are up and running there were not many that documented the nitty gritties and hardships of nursing school. As such, I felt that I could be a light to others if I shared my personal experiences through blogging and to create an environment where I could share and help others to navigate through the hardships in nursing school as well as life.

Although I am hoping to inspire one person, it is imperative to know that my blog will intersect not only with my school life but also with my everyday life. This sweet Island gyal has a lot to say, you will see me in my natural element where I talk about my many cooking and baking challenges lol, the many TV shows I watch and how I find the time to watch them all and many more aspect of my life.

I am walking by faith and not by sight. I hope you follow me as I navigate my way through life, school, failures and triumphs. My goal is to inspire and encourage you in some way.

Stay tuned

Xoxo Tanya

38 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. Great!!! Looking forward to this chapter in your life!!!! Good luck!!!! Always look forward!!!!

  2. Loved your introduction to the blogging life…pretty excited to see what’s coming next….keep ya head up sweet island gyal….

  3. Congratulations Tanya. The first step is always the hardest. Looking forward to the next read.

  4. Honestly, that was great. Excited to see this launch! Congrats on the jump babe.

  5. Congrats… I am working on my Master’s in Communication Studies and I too am a newbie to blogging… I started my blog this February and wow… has it been an adventure! I don’t know much… but I am self-taught and will pass along all that I know! Once again congrats and I look forward to reading and networking with you in the future! Contact me if you need me! Stay blessed Queen! ~ejnosillA

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