Year Ventiocho

This past Memorial day weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday (ya girl is getting oldddd) and let me tell you, it was one of the best times I’ve had in a while. My bestfriend came to visit me from Chicago so that was a plus, I was able to catch up and reconnect with some friends that I haven’t seen in months/years, so I basically spent the whole weekend celebrating with friends and family.

The last few weeks leading up to my birthday have been some of the most stressfull times in my life (I’ll talk about this in an upcoming blog post) and I had no clue how my birthday was gonna go. Luckily, I was able to minimize some of that stress days before my birthday (Won’t he do it!). It was Atlanta’s Caribbean Carnival, so being the Island girl that I am, of course I went. Up to this very moment, I can’t believe how EPIC the weekend was; it’s amazing how happy we can be when we’re surrounded by good energy and people. I started my birthday off in this Caribbean restaurant called Mangos, where I had curry chicken, curry goat and some oxtails with rice and veg and let me not forget fried plaintain which is a must have for me. I started year 28 BOLD and BRAZEN, I got a new hair color and cut my hair and I’m feeling like a brand new woman!!!

I’ve learned a lot over the past year and my ultimate goal for year 28 and beyond is to be genuinely happy and at peace with my life and to live my best life. Year Ventiocho will be a year of growth and happiness for me. What’s for me will be for me!

Cheers to 28 years of life. I have so much more in store for All About The Scrub Life and  I can’t wait to share more with you guys. Until then take a look at some pictures of my EPIC birthday weekend.

Breakfast Fete with my best friend
The Antiguan Squad/ some of my favorite people


gyal bend overrrr


the birthday girl
the new cut and color


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  1. Aging gracefully hun…whats for you will def be for you great mantra….Can never forget the plantains lol…looks like you had so much fun….😍😍x

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