Monday Motivation: Finding Inspiration

Can you believe it’s November already?! The year is basically over BUT there’s still time to accomplish your 2018 goals so don’t let the year coming to an end deter you from working towards the goals you set for 2018.


My motto for 2018 is ‘heads down and execute’, but I haven’t been doing well with executing, simply because I keep telling myself “I don’t have time” or I tend to doubt my ability to get things done. Being a founding member of the Beyhive I sometimes find myself watching one of Beyonce’s live performances to get me pumped up and before you know it a few hours would’ve passed by which is usually the norm lol.

The other night, I found myself rewatching her Beychella performance and I got really motivated from seeing her greatness, I felt the same way I felt when I watched it the first time. Her performance was well executed and you could tell the amount of work that was put into creating such excellence. Queen B is a working mother of 3 and still manages to put 1000% into what she’s doing, so what’s really my excuse? Yes she may have nannies and other help but still what’s my excuse?! Her work ethic is why I’m a super fan.

Sometimes in life, you can find motivation and inspiration from the simplest of things. Inspiration can come from watching a YouTube video, a TED talk, your favorite podcast, from your pastor, your family, your friends, from walking down the street. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Find whatever works for you and get motivated and inspired to be your best self!

I’m taking this new found energy and motivation with me for the rest of 2018 and definitely into 2019 as I get back to executing the goals I set for myself. It’s all about remaining consistent and putting 1000% into everything you do.

What are some things that get you motivated? What gets you back on top of your game whenever you have minor or major slip-up?

I’m rooting for you all! Let’s get it!

Xoxo, Tanya

5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Finding Inspiration

  1. “Being a founding member of the Beyhive” girl I DIED bc aren’t we all? 😂😂😂
    I’m completely with you on this one – TED talks and books are great, but honestly nothing motivates me in the way watching Beyonce does!
    Her last couple of tours all fell around my exam period and it was honestly always the boost I needed to get me in the zone to prepare properly.
    Also, Beychella does not seem to lose its magic, I am in awe everytime! I’m glad someone else feels the same way!

    1. I mean we are all founding members lolol. She just knows how to get me motivated and I now feel happy that someone else can relate cause people didn’t get how I get motivated from watching her performances, then again they’re not founding members lol

    1. Thank you so much for this! It shows how it’s so easy it is for us to discredit our accomplishments and not realizing we actually did something. I’ll definitely be more mindful about tapping myself on my shoulder and to celebrate the small wins.

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