How To Prepare For A New Semester

Happy New year guys! I know you’re probably wondering why I’m still saying that when it’s the middle of January, but this is my first post of 2019 so it is only right that I do so. I had this plan to post this awe-inspiring post new years post but I decided that for 2019 I’m going to keep it all the way real (not that I haven’t been before). Truth is I was exhausted and couldn’t muster up the strength to publish a post! I came out the gate swinging at the start of 2019 working some ridiculous amount of hours and I traveled for a short trip (blog post coming soon) so the timing wasn’t exactly ideal.

I started school this week, and I wanted to write a post about how to be successful this semester and let me tell you; there must have been a reason why I didn’t upload before. I had an experience my first day of class which prompted this post. I’ll be sharing some tips for those of you in school on how to set yourself up for a successful semester.



I know many of you are probably thinking ABSOLUTELY NOT but take it from me; the girl who if you leave be I’ll sleep until the afternoon. I’ve discovered in recent times that I tend to get a lot of things done when I start my day early. You can use this opportunity to get some assignments done, read the chapter or power-point before class. You can get some personal business done, that way you’ll have time after class to focus on your school to-do list.


I specifically included this tip because of an experience I had on my first day of class this semester. In my mind I thought I knew where every building was on campus and I honestly assumed all my classes were in the same building. I got to my very first class of the semester 5 minutes late; to you that may seem normal but for me who takes being on time seriously, it was very late. If I took the time to walk around campus and see where my classes were gonna be held ;I would not have had this issue. So take the time to get familiar with the different buildings on campus so that you’ll know where your classes will be held.


Your syllabus is like the bible of your class, it is the one thing that will help you achieve good grades throughout the semester. Your Syllabus has in the course objectives, class readings, the due date for assignments, the date for quizzes and tests; anything you can think of , is probably in the syllabus. There should be no reason for you to be missing assignments, or telling your professor you didn’t know about a quiz or assignment. READ YOUR SYLLABUS!


Be sure to have your notebook, binder, pens, pencils and other stationery items that will help you to be prepared for the semester. If you’re in to planners, be sure to set up your planner at least for the first 2 weeks of the semester. I started setting up my planner roughly 2 weeks before class started and it’s the best thing I ever did if I’m honest. As a Girl Guide I try to live by our motto “Be Prepared” you just have to be prepared. The way you start the semester determines how the rest of the semester will play out.


If you’re like me, I go in to a every semester with the mindset to do extremely well. Anything can happen but I believe when you set your standards high it leaves room for growth if you happen to fall short. A goal doesn’t have to be to ace the class but it can be simply to turn in an assignment on time each week. Just set personal goals that will help you to succeed.


You can’t expect to reap results if you aren’t putting in the work. You get out exactly what you put in, always remember that. Stay committed and do the work.

I came up with these tips because my first day of class was a mess. I could not fine my class, I was not as organized as I would have love to be. However, I started waking up early and realized I was more productive. I hope these tips helped you guys in some way and I hope you all are excited for a new start and ready to tackle this semester head on!

Wishing you a successful semester!

What are some of the ways you prepare for a new semester? Let’s talk!

xoxo, Tanya

One thought on “How To Prepare For A New Semester

  1. These are power tips!!! And I know because I’ve used most of these while I was an on campus student and even now that I’m studying remotely I have to try to use them so I don’t sleep all day lol because boii studying remotely will have you thinking you ain’t got nothing to do. Thanks for sharing these great tips 🦋

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