Hi, I am Tanya Ambrose, creator of All About The Scrub Life. All About The Scrub Life is a lifestyle blog chronicling my journey through the Healthcare Industry as a student and young professional. I created this blog after searching for resources and a tribe that would help to motivate me on my journey to becoming a Registered Nurse. All About The Scrub Life seeks to empower millennial students and professionals to reach for the stars; and to encourage them that with all the obstacles life may throw it is important to know that you can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.


My name is Tanya Ambrose. I am an Island girl who moved to Atlanta to pursue a nursing degree. I am very passionate about helping others and my goal is to focus on improving the lives of others in any capacity especially when it comes to Healthcare.
Upon embarking on my journey in nursing school I learned that they are many challenges that comes along with being a nurse. I learned that nursing school was no joke. I too was faced with many obstacles and had to choose between giving up or turning my stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I decided to turn my stumbling blocks into stepping stones. since then, I decided to take an alternate road to getting my nursing degree. I am currently pursuing a Public Health degree.
I decided to start my blog so that I could encourage other healthcare students and professionals navigate through their daily lives and how to find balance. My blog will intersect not only with my school life but also with my interests such as baking, reading, binge watching a variety of TV shows, and also explore my new state as an Island girl. Feel free to subscribe to my blog so you can keep updated with all about the scrub life.