Nurse of The Month: Emelda Benjamin

Ever felt connected to a person but never met them? This is how I feel about this month’s feature. Almost a year ago I became close to Emelda’s daughter via social media when I saw a tweet stating her mom was sick. I sent her DM right away sending my well wishes and we hit it off right there and then. I would periodically check in on her mom to see how she was doing. I found out later her mom had cancer and was also a Nurse, and that bond grew stronger. I felt like I was on the journey with them, I received updates on her chemo appointments. I would just offer up my support as much as I could. It was only right I featured her on my blog as she’s such a warrior! I sent these interview questions while she was completing her last rounds of chemotherapy and she took the time out to answer them. I’m happy to say that This month’s Nurse of the month Emelda Benjamin is now a proud cancer survivor.

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Nurse of The Month: Tiffany Wurie

It’s that time of the month! I’m so excited about this month’s feature. This month’s feature is someone who is very near and dear to my heart; she’s someone I’ve known all my life. She’s also one of the many reasons why I decided to pursue a career in nursing. Her Story is one I’m truly happy to share. April’s Nurse of The Month is my cousin Tiffany Wurie.

“The road to success is not always a straight line”. Sometimes you just have to be determined.
After a rough start in college, Tiffany Wurie finally decided to pursue a career in Nursing. The first obstacle was grades that weren’t stellar. After many rejections, finally came an acceptance to an Associate Nursing Program where she graduated in 2011 and continued to complete a BSN in 2014, graduating Summa cum laude. Tiffany specializes in public health and has worked in several areas including pediatrics, trauma, hospice, and managed care. She has an immense love for people, for Nursing, and for learning and she is currently pursuing an MSN in Nursing Administration. She has a passion for health policy, removing barriers to health care and health disparities. She hopes to one day impact the way minorities especially view and receive health care.

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Embracing Your Uniqueness

“I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off” I feel like it’s been an eternity since I’ve had a new Blog post and I’m sure you guys feel the same way, but you know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s the start of a new month and I’m back like I never left.
I have a valid reason for my slight absence, ya girl got a new job (Praise Jesus!). I got a job at the children’s hospital working in the pediatric ICU as a clinical tech and I absolutely love it! It’s my first time working with kids and it has been amazing.

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Nurse of The Month: Woodeline Pierre

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with a fellow blogger and was featured on her blog, you can check out my feature here. She is also in the healthcare industry so it was only right that for us to collaborate again. I’m always in awe at the amazing people I’ve been able to meet from my little corner on the internet; hey the internet does has its perks. Allow me to introduce Woodeline Pierre, this month’s Nurse of The Month feature.

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A Simple Encounter Can Change Your Perspective

Every now and then we may encounter someone or read something somewhere that serves as inspiration to us. Recently, while at work I had an encounter that gave me all the hope I needed. A patient of mine was having a really hard time that night. She’s a hospice patient and anyone in the medical field knows that a normal O2(oxygen level) sats ranges from 95 to 100. Well in this case my patient’s own was in the 50’s but given her condition that was considered normal. Anyways before I start treading in waters that will have me violating HIPPA let me get to the point.

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Nurse of The Month: Charlene Lowery

I’ve decided that every month I would feature a Nurse that has impacted my life in some way. Nurses can have many different career paths as well as specialties, so I want to showcase those gifts. I am shining the light on someone I truly appreciate. Funny story I met Charlene a while back on Twitter simply because we were huge fans of Beyonce and that bond grew into something more than just being fans of the Queen B herself. She became someone I could confide in about my nursing journey struggles. Ever the supportive Queen that she is, Charlene took on the role of being my mentor and has since been guiding me along the way on pursuit to getting my nursing degree.Read More »

How To Prepare For An Exam

I’m sure by now you’re all settling into the new semester trying to find your bearings and what not. Some of us may have already taken our first quiz or exam. I’m currently studying to take my Phlebotomy Certification exam which is 8 days away. In an effort to share more of my journey to getting this nursing degree I thought I’d share how I prepare for an exam with you guys who are already in nursing school and for those who are considering going to nursing school. Here goes…


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