In The Kitchen: Pumpkin Soup

Hey guys, I know we’re all busy with life, some of us are in school, working and just trying to get our life all the way together. I know it can get really hard at times just trying to keep up with our already busy lives and also having to think about eating at least 2 square meals a day. But no matter how busy our lives may get we all need to be nourishing our bodies not to mention the fueling of our brains.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal after a long day, this pumpkin soup is where it’s at y’all. I recently made this one night after a long day of both class and work and after having a sudden craving for pumpkin soup(ladies you know we crave the strangest things when it’s that time). This is very simple to make and you can add anything you desire to complement it.Read More »

Happy Halloween!

Now I’m from the Islands where Halloween is not that much of a big deal, it’s not really part of our culture, so growing up I wasn’t exposed to it as much. The most I would do is watch Halloween movies on the Disney channel (I still do every year lol). If I’m honest, I’ve been living here in the US for 8 years and I’ve never taken the time out to fully understand the significance of Halloween. I do have an idea however, it seems like in this day and age Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes and of course slaying the different makeup looks. I’m all the way here for the fashion part of Halloween, could I dress up fancy like I’ve seen others? I’m sure I can but the way my patience is set up, Issa no! Hahahaha!Read More »

Are We Practicing What We Preach?

We’ve all seen the memes and the many posts on social media about protecting your energy or peace, but let’s be real how many of us are actually practicing what we’re preaching? It’s so easy to catch on to trends these days, everybody wanna be “woke” or “deep”. I too was one of those people who would tweet “I’m all about protecting my peace” but little did I know those were just words and there wasn’t any action to back up my claims. Let’s be real, how many of us truly know what it means to protect our peace and energy? It took me a while to fully understand and learn what it truly meant to protect my peace (still learning). I’ve had my moments where I know for a fact I was putting my negative energy onto others. I’ve had my moments of being negative Nancy and did some things to others I’m not proud of but thank God for growth. Read More »

 Girls Trip: Miami Edition 

Ever felt like you’ve been constantly going and life is passing you by? Well that’s how I’ve been feeling recently, unfortunately.  I haven’t had a break since 2017 started to put that into perspective for you, we’re ten months into 2017. It’s so common for us to say we need a break but often times end up not taking one(life always gets the best of us). Anyways let me stop blabbing about my oh so busy life and talk about the break I finally got to take….

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Fall TV Is Back!

I know most of you guys are excited for the fall season because of the fashion and change of weather but for me I’m excited for fall because of the fall TV shows. I’m a self declared TV junkie, I watch almost EVERY show there is. I suck at time management and I have been trying to improve this skill, but for some reason when it comes to my TV shows I seem to manage that time really well (I know, I know I need to get it together lol). Watching TV is one of the ways I entertain myself, some shows are just really addicting. I know it can be very overwhelming when trying to find a show to watch but have no fear, the TV junkie is here to help. I’m going to list some of my favorite shows to watch and the new ones I’ll pick up this fall. For me it’s very important to find a show that’s going to catch my attention or as my friend Gigi and I like to say “pull me in.” I’m only going to list a few, if I were to list all the shows I watch, this will be a very longgggg post. In another life, my true calling would be to lay around all day in my PJ’s and watch all the shows in the world lolol. 

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Irma The Beast

The past week has been one of the longest and most stressful week of 2017. As most of you know by now, Hurricane Irma made her appearance and came with a vengeance. While we know it’s hurricane season many of us never thought that we’ll see another hurricane let alone the size of Irma. Week’s before, our attention was on Houston after the destruction hurricane Harvey caused.

As you know I’m from the beautiful twin Island state of Antigua and Barbuda. I grew up on the island of Antigua, Barbuda however is our sister island. Hurricane Irma first made landfall on September 4th over both of the Islands. However, the island of Barbuda was heavily impacted. Approximately 95% of our precious sister isle was devastated, leaving almost 70% of the population homeless. She continued her journey through the Leeward islands( the British and US virgin islands, Puerto Rico, St. Martin and Anguilla). Irma also destroyed these islands leaving many homeless.

This week caused many to have anxiety attacks for a lot of people, including myself. Heck I stressed myself into getting a cold. Being up here in the US and seeing your loved ones suffer and the fear of not knowing if some loved ones made it, is not something I’d wish on anybody. The wait to hear from loved ones felt like an eternity and still does for the many who have yet to hear from their family members and friends. 

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In The Kitchen: Zucchini Linguini with Roasted Shrimp

Hey guys! It’s been a hot minute since my first “In the Kitchen” post.  Now this doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating lol, I’ve just been a bit busy juggling school and work. Most days I’ve just been eating leftovers or eating out which costs way too much!. If I’m serious about gaining the 10lbs I so desire I gotta make sure I’m eating right.

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes which is also my go to recipe for when I am: 1) feeling a bit lazy, 2) too tired from work/ school and 3) just want a quick meal. My friend who was in law school at the time introduced me to this meal a little over a year ago and since then it has been a staple in my life. The good thing about this recipe is that you can get all the ingredients for under $20 and it takes less than 30 minutes to make.
Check out the ingredients and how to prepare this meal below ⬇️

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