Doula Services

Hello, my name is Tanya. I grew up on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Antigua and migrated to the US over a decade ago to pursue my college education. I’m a Graduate of Georgia State University where I obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Health.  I am passionate about women, maternal and child health. I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. It is my goal to create a positive experience for families by providing emotional support to clients, to educate and empower you and to ensure the most sacred time in your life is a beautiful experience.

We offer Birth and Postpartum Doula Services and Placenta Encapsulation Services

Basic Package: $550

1 Prenatal Sessions Including:

Prenatal Coaching/Education

Planning for Birth

On-Call Labor Support Including:

  • On-Call 2 Weeks Starting prior to Due Date

In-home labor and In-Home Lactation Support 

1 In-Home Postpartum visit

Deluxe Package: $750

2 Prenatal Sessions Including: 

Prenatal Coaching/Education Planning for Birth(create a birth plan)

 Prenatal Support by Email & Phone 

On-Call Labor Support Including: 

On-Call 2 Weeks Pre/Post Due Date 

2 Postpartum visits

Premium Package: $1,000

3 Prenatal Sessions Including:

 Prenatal Coaching/Education Planning for Birth(create birth plan), Prenatal Support by Email & Phone Access to Free Lending Library Childbirth and infant feeding support 

On-Call Labor Support

All Classes Including (in-person or online): 

  • Childbirth Education Class Series 
  • Newborn Care Class
  •  Breastfeeding 101 Class 

In-home labor and In-Home Lactation Support 

3 Postpartum visits

Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum Package: $800

Six 4 hour visits which include:

In-Home Care after Baby’s Arrival Including:

  •  Customized, In-Home Baby Education
  •  Newborn baby care
  •  In-Home Breastfeeding Support 
  • Postpartum Birth Experience Counseling 
  • Light Housekeeping
  •  Nutritious Meal Planning and Prep 
  • Postpartum Depression Prevention 
  • Cesarean Recovery Support 
  • Multiples Care and Education 
  • Sibling Assistance 
  • Use of Any/All Lending Library Items & Resources …and so much more, as needed!

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