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8 Ways To Show Up For Yourself Every Day

These days I’ve been focused on all things wellness, self-love, and personal development. This is the season of my life that I’m currently in. Part of doing all of this is showing up for myself. I’ll be honest I’m not always consistent when it comes to showing up for myself. I’m all about being intentional with my life, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care but to be honest, I’ve poured from an empty cup far too many times that I’d like to admit. However, I will say that I am learning the importance of showing up for myself and the different ways it can be done.

So if you’re one of those people who’ve been trying to put yourself first more and to show up for yourself, this blog post is for you. I’ve been trying different ways in which I can show up for myself because chileee I needed to cause your girl been out here pouring from the driest of cups ok! When we show up for ourselves it helps to boost our self-esteem and confidence. Here are 8 ways you can show up for yourself.


One of the first things you should do when wanting to show up for yourself more is to acknowledge where you are in your life. I’ll be honest, I’ve lived in denial. I knew good and well that I was living a lie when it came to certain things. So it is important to accept where you are and your surroundings so you can know what you need to change. This is vital if you want to start showing up for yourself.


Be mindful of how you speak to or about yourself. When you realize or start to notice that you’re talking negatively about yourself and you start judging yourself, try to make it more constructive. Try to combat your inner critic that is trying to attack your self-worth. You know the type of negative self-talk I’m talking about. Change the direction of your inner monologue with daily affirmations. 


It is imperative that the people you spend time with are validating and affirming you. You can do this by creating daily affirmations and personal mantras. These are good to recite and it helps to give a mental and emotional boost. This also helps to replace negative thoughts with uplifting and positive thoughts. Sometimes in life, we need validation from those closest to us. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have a strong support system.


I always tried to journal daily but to be honest, I fell off the wagon a little because I wasn’t quite there mentally, I think this is as a result of me being stressed about my grad school journey. I will say this, even if you don’t meditate or journal daily, just make it something that is a regular habit or routine. If that means journaling or meditating twice a week that’s okay. The goal is to learn to be still, to find quiet time for yourself so that can you center yourself and listen to your voice. This is a way you can gain clarity in your life.


I come from a faith-based background so for me, these days I am trying to reconnect and deepen my faith by spending more time in the word and taking the time to learn more. It is good to believe in something. So if you’ve lost your way or you’ve been wanting to explore something new then go right ahead. Let me tell you, it sure feels good to know and feel connected to a higher power.


Many of us tend to lack confidence when it comes to believing in our own abilities. I know first hand because that’s the case with me. It is so easy to feel like you aren’t good enough. When you think about it your skills, abilities and even your perspective are what makes you, you. So whether you’re a student, in the working world, or pursuing your passion, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF enough to be proud of who you are!


Let me tell you, I can commit to all sorts of things to the point that I’ve made commitments to things that weren’t even benefiting me so why is it hard to commit to ourselves?! Committing to yourself could be simple as taking a bath every night, saving money, pursuing a passion, reading a book, or even starting something new. Be sure to stick to your boundaries and stand in your truth. Do not, I repeat, do not allow anyone to let you feel bad for sticking to your boundaries. If you don’t set and stick to your boundaries it’ll leave room for people to think they can take advantage of you and they will continue to disrespect you. Take it from me, I’ve been learning about boundaries and I no longer apologize for being who I am. All it takes is for you to be consistent.


You deserve all the goodness out of life. As you work on committing to yourself, sticking to your boundaries, and taking yourself seriously, remember that consistency is key. Nobody’s perfect but remember to celebrate where you are in your life and remember your dreams are worth it. We are all going through challenging times but it’s important to change your mindset. Inhale more positivity and exhale negativity.

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Ways You Can Practice Self Care

As many of you know by now, I work in the healthcare field and while I love it, it is not easy. I know you’ve heard many stories or seen people saying it’s not wise to work while in school and more specifically not to work while in nursing or medical school. Not everyone has the luxury to go to school and not work. I remember having a conversation with a friend about the good old days when we had no responsibilities and all we had to do was just go to school and that was that. Fast forward to a few years to this thing called adulthood, many of us are now working and going to school, a task that’s no easy feat. I currently work full time and go to school full time, I run my blog and have so many other goals I’m trying to accomplish and it is so easy to get overwhelmed and wrapped up that you don’t even realize you aren’t taking proper care of yourself.

In recent times I found myself more stressed than usual, I was always fatigue, I was moody, not fulfilling my commitments, I was a hot mess. One thing that was missing from my life was self care. I know in recent times everyone has been on the “Self-care Sunday” or “I’m all about my self-care journey” and what not because Self-care became the “in” thing which is not a bad thing, but if you were like me, I thought I needed to buy everything or try everything someone recommended which was not the case.

I knew I needed to find a routine to uplift me and to feed my soul. I would talk to my best friend about what I was going to do and still would end up not doing because I was either always working or did not manage my time wisely. I decided I was going to challenge myself; after all my words for 2019 are consistency and commitment. I decided to find a self-care routine that works for me. Self-care doesn’t have to be costly and I’ve learned that the hard way.

Here are some of the things I do personally as a form of my self care and how I pour in to myself:


I used to wake up with only enough time just to shower and get dressed. This was taking away time for me to fully take care of myself in the mornings. I also had a bad habit of reaching for my phone the minute I opened my eyes and would start scrolling on social media before I know it I would’ve lost 30 mins of my time in the mornings. Now a days, when I wake up, I try to spend 5 sometimes 10 minutes to whisper a prayer, do some breathing exercises and just to be still and listen to my heartbeat and be grateful for another day of life.


I write everything down no matter how big or small. It has been proven that when I write things down I more than likely will get it done. All jokes aside, I think it’s good to document everything in writing. Almost a year ago I was put on to The Five Minute Journal. I knew I wanted to journal more but my schedule was getting the best of me. I decided to give The Five Minute Journal and it’s just like it’s name, you’re only taking 5 minutes out of your morning and night dedicated to journaling. What I love about this journal is that it helps me to focus on the good things happening in my life, how to live with intention and to be more mindful. I get excited to wake up and to go to bed because I’m eager to write in my journal. Doing this daily has really allowed me to come from a place of gratitude and has helped me to set goals, write positive affirmations and to reflect on my day. This journal also has changed my mindset and taught me that good things do happen daily, you just have to see it and this happens when you change your way of thinking. I recommend this journal if you’ve been meaning to get into journaling but unsure of where to begin. It’s one of the best habit I’ve ever taken up.



I grew up in a home living with my grandma where waking up at 5 or 6 for devotions was a staple. In an effort to grow more in my faith, devotions are a staple in my morning routine. I’ve been doing this on and off but the beginning of 2018 I started doing my devotions every morning and I have seen a difference in the way I think and feel. I use the ‘The Confident Woman Daily Devotion’ by Joyce Meyer as part of my morning devotions. This will give you the start you need. This is another one of my favorite self care habit.


You may be wondering why I have taking a shower listed lol but believe it or not a nice bath or shower after a long day is part of self-care. It allows you to wash off the day and for me it helps me to wash off all the germs I encounter, especially from work. This is the time I listen to music and sing at the top of lungs sounding like Whitney Houston in her prime lol, it’s when I talk to my sisters or best friend. Yes, I do all this while taking a shower or soaking in the tub; it brings me peace. You can light some candles, listen to music and just reflect on the day you’ve had whether good or bad and I can guarantee you’ll feel much after.


This is something I’ve been doing on and off for about 2 years but sometimes I get lazy or don’t make the time to do it. Over the last month I’ve made a commitment. I believe how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. I’ve been using this app called Head-space that I really love. Where I’ll sit in quietness for about 3 to 5 minutes and just do breathing exercises this allows me to bring about a sense of calmness, allows me to focus and be more present. It wasn’t easy at first because I have a hard time being still and I think about a million things per minute but this app has helped me to be focus and control my mind. Check it out if you’re looking for an app to help train your mind and to meditate.


Too often we’re busy with the everyday life. We’re constantly on the go and sometimes forget about ourselves. Well at least I know that’s me. I was off from work one Friday night and I treated myself to some really good food and a glass or 2 of wine. This may sound simple but it’s really the little things. Treating yourself could mean to a meal, movie, retail therapy or even sleeping. It’s doing something to make you feel good and that you deserve.

These are some of my self care habits and how I try to pour into myself. You can do many other things as your self-care just as long as you’re pouring into yourself.

What are some of your Self- Care habits? Share them below in the comment section, Let’s Talk!


xoxo, Tanya